Mzansi singer Makhadzi was being targeted when two gunmen robbed her before shooting at her outside a venue she was booked to perform.

The Ghanama hitmaker and her dancers arrived at Ga-Rankuwa Shisanyama in Tshwane where she was billed to perform in front of a section of her fans but was attacked by two armed robbers, however she fortunately came out alive.

Open Mic Records have released an official statement to clarify with happened to Makhadzi.

“I [as road manager] notified the promoter that we have arrived. The dancers were shown a table to settle [down] and wait. Makhazi remained in the car to rest and there was no security [guards] around.”

The statement added: “The guy put his gun on Makhazi’s neck and took her phone from her hand. And when she started screaming and running he [cocked] his gun and shot towards Makhazi and dancers but missed them.

“Everyone who was at the parking lot ran away. Upon leaving the venue we (Makhazi, dancer, and me) noticed a car following us, we went to the nearest police station. We opened a case at Ga-Rankuwa police station. Police even escorted us out of Ga-Rankuwa.”