Without name-calling Cassper Nyovest reminded Big Zulu of his history, in response to the latter’s 150 Bars track.

Msunu we Nkabi (Uh)
This what you wanna do?
Hao nshape ka double tot ya Billiato on the rocks, mo matlapeng da so

We drink Billiato, boy, that’s standard (Facts)
We don’t need no water and no (Facts)
Show up at the party with a bad bitch (Woo)
She excited, shawty just can’t keep her hands still
Hold up, hold up, hold up (Hold up)
Y’all talk too much, I got the whole game on my scrotum (Get off)
They muffing, they muffing
Got the city on my shoulders
I’m getting hotter but the city getting colder
So I’m growing anti-social (Shit is deep)
And they say “Cass, just ignore that man”
I’m like “Nah, this gon’ be fun yo”
Put it on, let’s rap

I put you on and I even had to force that track
An endorsement ya Carvella Man, that’s four steps back
I mean how dare you, step to the Don? Another level
The only time I see little niggas is in my rear view

The first 16 was kinda lite just to prepare you
‘Cause I’ma say what all these other niggas is scared to
Yeah out of the way, bare diawa today
Yeah it’s all fun and games until I wanna play (Haha)
Sit back and relax this about to get uncomfortable
Why you mad at me? Ambitiouz is the one fuckin’ you
They said it’s war, and I should load up strong
I said “Nah, let’s take it easy, you should hold that thought”
You ain’t the king, Kgosi that nigga who owns those songs

Man you a bitch, cut the act and just show your thong
Get ready to be removed, boy, some things you shouldn’t do
‘Cause you built your career on the features with who and who
You know you got a history my nigga, don’t act confused
See this right here is karma for women that you abuse
Situation is as tight as your pants, monna wa brika (Chief)
Die hele dag o tsamaya nkare o jaiva tsipatsipa
The Hype magazine of this rap shit, kea spita
Think about it, you only blew up after my feature (Get it?)
And now you wanna come after me dawg
I guess lewena o rata ho hlafoniwa nkare Stimorol
You should’ve done Piano too dawg, that’s what I see dawg
‘Cause o phila o apere mkokotelo, ena ke Hip Hop
Forty million vies, I mean that’s not bad
Considering that half of it is just one track

Man, how the fuck is you an upcoming artist at 36?
And why you tried to use Riky’s death to get a hit? (Woo)
See women like my smile, I’m guessing the cheese different (Yeah)
We don’t pay no rent, we own the cribs that we live in (Yeah)
I been in trouble too, had to bribe police even
But the difference is: I beat the charges, you beat women (Uh)

Ufis’ukuba ne mali neh? I know where the cash at
You are Mandla Mthembu, I’m Robert Gumede
I never see you with bitches, only niggas with bad reps
I’m sure ha le studio-ng dah gonkga marete, gonkga musunu
O sure maar wa skoon-a? (Heh?)
‘Cause nna ha ke go shebile kare okankga sebono (Heh)
Nyuku e hlatswa bathu maar shem wena o e paletsi

What you mean?
I don’t know why these niggas keep tryin’ it man (The Don Billiato)
I’m not the one boy (Ask about me)
Y’all should already know by now (Talk to ’em)
I guess I gotta keep remindin’ y’all (Rock for me, uh)
The King’s back (The Don Billiato)
And if any of you motherfuckers try this shit
Or you think of tryin’ this shit
Just know I’m always loaded (Pah)
And I go for the heart

Don’t fuck with me
Brand new single out (Put Your Hands Up)
That’s the motherfuckin’ anthem
Hao nshape ka double tot ya Billiato on the rocks, mo matlapeng da so
Re sa tlwaelana masepa gents

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